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Why follow Julian calender ?

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In Ethiopia the calender has 13 months first 12 months have 30 days each!3 th month has 5 days normally and 6 days in the leap year Their new year is in Sept
Their Christmas ( Winter solstice ) is on 8th January. We know now that it is on Dec 21st In our early days it was on January 14th.This date indicates how ancient is the practice

Anyway the Julian Calender has no logic except the egos of the rulers of those days had to be satisfied
We can perhaps have alternate months of 31 days as follows

From To number of days Name of the month

April, 1 April 30 30 Chaithram
May, 1 May 31 31 VaiSakham
June 1 June 30 30 JeshTam
July 1 July 31 31 AashaDam
August 1 August 30 30 SravaNam
August 31 Sept 30 31 BHadhrapadham
October 1 October 30 30 AaSviiyujam
October 31 November 30 31 Karthiikam
December 1 December 30 30 MaargaSiram
December 31 January 30 31 Pushyam
January 31 March 1 31( LeapYear) Maagham
March 2 March 31 30 PhalguNam


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