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A new look at our ancient History

Arya Bhatta Says a yuga consisted of 4320000 solar years he divided a yuga into 4 equal parts Each of 1080000 years long He mentioned that he was born certain years after the commencement of the fourth yuga pada At that time Sun , Moon, Guru, Kuja, Budha , Sukra nad Sani and Moon’s Uchcha were in conjunction and Rahu was 180 degrees behind.That means Kethu was also in conjunction
Panchanga karthas made calculations and found that such a thing occurred On Feb 17/18th midnight of Common Era (BC) 3102 By some other logic they came to the conclusion that that was the beginning of Kaliyuga or the fourth part of Maha yuga
Now they started arguing that the Yuga mentione by Arya Bhatta was in fact the mahayugam mentione in Thelugu Maha Bharatham
Maha Bhatatham of Sanskrutham talks of a Maha Yugam of only 120000 years duration Then brought in a concept of Divya varsham which equalled 360 manushya varshams.
The coincidence of Arya bhatta’s fourth padam and computed beginning of Kaliyugam appears to be yadruchchikam

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