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The voice of the deserving raised against undeserving-The cast System

In the ancient past knowledge was respected .Valmiki and Vyasa were respected irrespective of their being born to Non_Brahmana women. Rama and Krshna were revered. they were not Brahmanas

Dandaka( Rama’s fore father) and Bhima married Rakshasa women. It did not .make them any less respected.Gradually some people who were supposed to have Gnana , did not have it but had the arrogance in abundance of being born in a caste supposed to be more deserving than others.
Mahavira and Siddhartha raised their voices on behalf of the more deserving in other castes , against this arrogance. They said practicing rituals without knowledge ( like sangitha gnanamu bhakthi vina) does not take any one any where. Their movement attracted the thinkers of their time. Their teachings were similar to those of Sanatha Dharma but the their religions were caste less . Some of the kings became Buddhists and Jains and these new converts destroyed some of the the existing temples ( Ref kalhana’s Raja Tharangini. )

So the so called Hindu forces got organised ( polarized?) . The battle now took a new turn .It was a fight between the cast system and the cast less system .While the kings fought physical battles the acharyas like Adi Sankara fought intellectual battles against purva mimamsikas of their own dharma and the religious leaders of Buddhism and Jainism

When the invading Muslims won wars against the locals , they did not believe in ( they never did) in preaching Islam. They forcefully converted people to their religion.

When the British started ruling India , they adopted a different technique. They wanted to preach to the illiterate Hindus about the bad customs in Hinduism.They did it successfully with the help of European Samskrtham scholars They are now known as western Indologists They picked up a few verses from from here and there like those in ManusmRthi and gave a lot of publicity . they successfully brought a divide between various castes (They also widened the divide between the Hindus and Muslims.). They have put a stamp on tribes lke Chenchus as thieves. This discrimination did not bother any intellectual of India . Many of the caste Hindus whose only virtue was that they belonged to an upper caste and who were arrogantly ignorant of any of their scripture , had no ammunition to fight the cunning British. They stuck to their guns more stupidly It is no surprise that the first batch of reformists like Ram Mohan Roy came from Bengal. They were exposed to British teachings from the beginning .The opposition to anglocizing also came from Bengal in the like of Vivekananda.

Ambedkar’s voice was also a voice of deserving against the undeservingat his time.
Now the Pendulam has gone the other extreme. The Dalits who are already the recipients of the benefits of reservation policy and moved up in the social ladder still would not leave the benefits to the needy and argue in favour of continuing reservations for themselves.They are being seen by others in the same way as the arrogant upper caste members of yesteryears who argued for the perpetuation of their advantageous system
The people always try to perpetuate their advantageous position. It is the responsibility of all intellectuals to oppose it. This is not against extending a helping hand to the needy. It is voice against the undeserving and in favour of the deserving

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