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a new look at our ancient history part 2

Arya Bhatta mentioned a cyclic yuga of 4320000years when Sun Moon, Kuja Budha Guryu, Sukra Sani, Uchcha (apogee) of Moon and Node Rahu are in conjunctionAt the beginning of the last pada ( quarter) of this Yuga all grahas would be in conjunction tha chaya graha Rahu will be 180 degrees behind and the point Uchcha is 90 degrees behind
By some other logic the astronomers of India agreed that kaliyuga mentioned in Maha Bharatham and our ancient history writings started on Feb.17/18 of BCE(before common era) 3102.Kaliyuga is the fourth part of the Maha yuga. On thi day the computations showed a Graha sthithi as at the beginning of fourth quarter mentioned by Arya Bhatta This yadruchchikatha leaaad them to think that the span of a Maha yugam was 4320000 years or12000 divya years . a divya year being 360 manushya years
So the gap between Rama and Krishna which was more than 3 maha yugas had become enormous.

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  1. Satananda Maharshi who officiated as the chief priest in the Sita Rama Kalyanam is the Grand Father of Krupa and Kripi the twin babies who were found under a tree by Raja Santanu, the Great Grand Father of the Kauravas and the Pandavas


    March 2, 2013 at 11:25 am

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