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The rights of S’udras to study vedas and practice yagnas

I am quoting from the book " Vyaasa VaaNi " By Veluri Siva Rama Sasthry .Published by AP sahithya Akademi 1984BAdari ( different from BAdaraayaNa ) disagreed with athreya and stated that " If any one wants to perform Yagna, he is entitled to perform . There is no disparity based on varNam. Ref Mimaansa Suthram 6-1-27 )
S’abara swami who compiled BAdari’s views said "BAdari agreed that S’udras had a right to study Vedas Ref Mimaasa Suthram 6-127, 29
There were many instances of these being actually practiced accordingto S’bara and Karka. Ref, Mi.Su 6-1-25-28 Katyaayana S’routha suthra 1.1.6
Example If the person who readies Ahuthi is a Brahmana he is called ‘Ehi’. ,kshathriya ‘Agaahi ‘ VaiS’ya ‘Adrava ‘ and a S’udra (AdhAma ఆధామ )
No body from the 4 varNas spit Soma out. S’atha patha brahmanNa
That means S’udras could perform Soma YAga
Even Jaimini who opposed BAdari. agreed in two special people belonging to the outside of caste system.

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