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Yesterday i went to see the movie Kahaani-2 along with my family members. The expenditure on that movie added to my salary as a professor in 1990
The question is, is it worth ?
The movie has child abuse as the core theme. But unlike some other movies this issue is treated very sensitivity in this movie.There is no morbidity..The child’s innocense is portrayed well. The rest of the movie is to bring out the talent of Vidya Balan as an actress.She did a superb job. The screen play is flawless.The director has taken the movie with all the spie of a suspense and action movie..
Is it worth?
Today my pension is 20 times my salary in 1990. .The movie ticket per person is about 50 times..
We enjoyed those simple movies as much.We enjoyed movies like ‘Wait Until Dark" as much. .
But this movie is Indian and comparable to any good movie from Holly Wood today.
That makes it worth the expense..

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December 5, 2016 at 12:08 am

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