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Scientists and Engineers

Scientists and EngineersPart 2 Presentation By Prof NJ Rao
The 2nd presentation was made by Prof NJRao. This is what I understood from his presentation
He triedto explain using set theory.
He said applied scienceis a subset of the main set Science
Neither engineering is a subset of Technology nor Technology subset of Engineerng. The 3 sets Science, Engineering and Technology are 3 sets not mutually exclusive.There are intersections. and confusion
He tried to list the special features of each set. In Engineering the design and construction are bot involved. The desg part has some intersection with Science and Construction has with Technology.
Engineering is concerned with optimal solutions
Technology is concerned with production and delivery.
He lamented that Engineering is not as muh respected as Science. Science has glamour ( Nobel prize has been a yard stick for greatness .- KVNS). More and more science is pumped into Egineering education .
Presentations Prof rayudu and Prof Rajanikanth to be contd.

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