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A single window to understand

I am an admirer of the idea of being able to propose ‘A Theory of Every Thing’ . I worked in the area of Transport processes. The equation for Transport of Momentum , Transport of Heat, Transport of Sediment , Transport of pollutants and Transport of any of the all transportables by fluids are governed by a single equation.This equation has source and sink terms, advection terms and diffusion terms.
I am trying to understand all intolerences in a single way. Issues can be Secularism, Caste based reservation , Patriotism Marxism The equation has (strong ,weak and null ) PRO terms,(strong , weak and null ) ANTI terms and (Strong weak and null ) TOLERANCE terms It is a 3 X 3 Matrix. All Political Parties Have understandably strong PRO terms But they should contain weak if not null ANTI and Weak if not strong TOLERANCE terms in the equation that governs their behaviour. Null hypothesis , decides what are considered PROs ,ATIs And TOLERANCE terms.
For the rest of US, if we have null PRO terms, we have an empty mind and not an open mind. So WE will have either strong or weak PRO terms.But it is in the other two types of terms that WE shouild be different from politicians. I think we should have null ANTI and strong TOLERANCE terms. We should encourage debate.and strongly protest when others misuse it.

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March 7, 2016 at 4:35 am

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