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CHARCHA2013 : Science, ,Applied Science , Technology and Engineering

Dear All:

I thank Prof. Sarma for initiating the topic. I am attaching some reading material (three popular science/engineering articles and four editorials) that I had published in Resonance: Science Education Journal of Indian Academy of Science.

I chose the articles because there are at least two engineers interested in structures (other than me) in our group.

The point of discussion is: what makes someone a great engineer?

Some sub-questions are: what distinguishes a scientist and an engineer? What’s the difference between engineering and technology? Where do the inventors lie in the continuous spectrum of science-engineer-technologist?


> Charcha group of Bengaluru meets once in a month and tries to understand > ,or to get clarity on some literary or Science and Engineering issues.At > the end of the April meeting , Prof GK Anatha Suresh ( Prof. Of > Mechanical Engineering And connected with a few publishing activities of > IISc.) has been requested to talk about about Great Engineers , at next > month meeting
> Then members who were present expressed the following view > “We hear many talk about great scientists and not engineers . Those who > talk , usually talk as if these two are interchangeable. . So we > should distinguish between the two ”
> This is one of the topics of great passion for many Engineers. They wish > to
> establish a seperate Identity . I hvebeeen thinking about it for several > years.
> I have been trying to define
> 1. Science 2. Applied Science 3. Technology $ Engineering
> !. Science :Many famous scientists have tried to explain what is > science rather than define it.
> The goal of science is the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake . > Principle of falsification is the guiding prnciple in it investigations. > 2. Applied science:It attempts to gain knowledge with a view to use it in > fields like medicine . electronics etc.The method of gaining knowledge is > the same as the method of gaining knowledge in science. Because it is > pursued with a view to apply, the method of accepting gained knowledge is > perhaps not as rigorous as in Scince. I think that principle of > falsification is not worried about.
> 3. Thechnology. ;Canals were dug and buildings were built before the > laws are known and the stresses in a structure and strengths of > materials
> could be evaluated. Rules of thumb are used in design Experience in > Engineering and medicine gave the rules. The goal of Technology is to > create products that solve the problems and improve human life > 4. Engineers create the design world . Engineering depends heavilyon > available scintific knowledge
> Technology is happy to impose a restriction like the diamter of a column > should not be less than say one eigth of the height of the column to avoid > buckling. In engineering design we use the knowedge on stress distribution > due to eccentric loading We use stress and strength concepts. Technology > is happy to provide a self cleansing velocity of 1m/s in sewers. In > engineering design we relate the self cleansing velocity to particle size > and its density.
> The physical ( hydraulic) modelling of sediment carrying rivers is still > at the rudimentary technogy level ant it is usually said that it is more > an Engineering Art than Engineering Scince
> ( Linking of rivers depend on this art . The regime theory which > prctising engineers use is mostly rules of thumb which failed repeatedly > the test of falsification )
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