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Once more Feynman

I am great lover of Feynman’s book" Surely you are joking Mr.Feynman" He is very humorous.That is not the reason I am writing this today I am not writing about the joker.I am mentioning him here for his clarity of expression ad depth of his knowledge. I enjoy reading Nobel Laureates’ writings. They can explain with simple examples to people like me.Whenever I wish to lean a concept in Physics, I read fromThe Feynman’s lectures on Physics about that particular topic. He is my hero
I have been asked by my earlier colleague at VITAM who is now a principal of an Engineering college at Echcherla to talk about Entropy.
I read a lot about order disorder , turbulence chaos and entropy.As a student I studied Carnot’s cycle I have talked to students about entropy a couple of times earlier. I talk about this when I talk about locating Refrigerators as per Vaasthu Refrigerators defies Vasthu. It keeps its inside cold and throws heat outside
I thought I would do some more preparation ths time and improve my lecture. So I took to reading Fenman’s lectures on Thermodynamics
I now know Carnot did not state first law of Thermodynamics as it is understood today but used logic .Clausius stated " Heat is conserved " insteadof realising that the conserved entity is energy
One should learn the concept of friction less engine from Feynman! really great
I do not know whether my lecture would improve or not .But my concepts have imprived thanks to him.

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October 6, 2015 at 1:59 am

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  1. Yes Sir, A great physicist and a great communicator too! I am also a big fan of Feynman! Coincidence – just yesterday, I was rereading his “The Character of Physical Law”, specifically the lecture on Past and Present and this lecture is also very interesting!
    Regards – Rajanikanth


    October 6, 2015 at 4:09 am

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