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Tata Nagar Bengaluru

We live at Tata Nagar It is really a part of Kodige Halli. Kodige halli is an ancient village.Bandi Naayullu came and camped here .One of them is Kempe Gowda , the founder father of Bengaluru.Bengaluru International Air port located at Devana Halli is about 30 km North from our Tata nagar. Yelahanka is about 7 km North of Tata Nagar. In 1960s all these parts beyond Hebbal were not parts of Bengaluru.

Tata nagar is residential area developed by Employees of IIsc.. initially. Now we have the Adhar ( UIDAI) building at the end of our 5th main road . Hirananadani complex is adjacent to it.
So far it is calm and traffic free area. .If we get SBI and a post office it will bve a self sufficient locality
New BEl road a 20 mins walking distance from our place is comparable to any area with posh shopping centres andHotels
IISc is 7 km south and Ramayya hospital is 6 km south ( Next to IISc). .They take acreof our emergencies

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