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M Visweswaraiah, Satish Dhawan, CV Raman CNR Roa & Myself

Sept 15th was Sir MV’s Birthday. Today 25th Sept Prof. Satish Dhawan’s BirthdayThey may not be very great researchers. But definitely very great nation builders
I felt proud to be an Indian and IIScian. When Mangaalyaan suceeded I felt proud to be a Civil and Hydraulic Engineer like Sir MV though not comparable
Sir CVR and Prof CNRR are undoubtedly great researchers and inspired quite a few scientists .But I think that they can not be classified as nation builders . Nation builders improve the life of ordinary citizens
My birthday falls on 23rd Sept. I am not a greatt researcher or nation builder
I am a small researcher. Am I atleast a micro level nation builder
Do people in my Colony, Colleagues in IISc, Bangaloreans in whose waste water treatment I was involved.NTPC and my college VITAM recognise my contribution at this micro level.? Have I really contributed ?I do not know . But I thank VITAM college for falicitating me on 15th Sept ( Engineer’s day) as an engineer.
I feel contended. In my small way , I think I have contributed

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September 25, 2014 at 6:09 am

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  1. Apart from the professional contributions, sir , your contribution to the Telugu literary field is also worth mentioning as a contribution to the society. I am one of your innumerable fans in this regard along with my father (late Dr C Sahasranamam) We used to compete with each other to read your satirical works.

    Mohan Venkatram

    September 25, 2014 at 9:24 am

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