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Seperation of Telangana

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I can understand how people of Telangana may be feeling. because That is how I felt when I was 14 and we were in combined Madras State.. I participated in seperate Andhra movement. I was not old enough to uderstand the full implicationsof that agitation. But It was charged with emotion. We felt we were not getting our share of development. That is, I am sure,how the people of Telangana must be feeling…The real numbers may not justify the agitations I do no think the lif of ordinary people who have settled in Hyderabad , face any danger from the so called locals
My father wsettled in vizag. i am a native of Vizag. I settled in Bengaluru . My children are natives of Bengaluru
Most of the today’s natives were settlers some generations back.. Most of us have relatives among natives of Telangana through marriages
Are the properties of settlers in danger. I do not think so. They may not become richer at the same rate in seperate Telangana as they were becoming in combined state, for lack of contacts or sympathy. Ther could be jelousies of the "locals" But again that is for a short time. Those groups which prosper under old rule learn to prosper quickly under new rulle also That is what Dr . Zivagho tells us
Gujarathi’s built a new capital and perhaps a better designed capital and prospered . Seema Andhras can do it. They are capble. They should learn to bargain, but not through selfish leaders.
Religion, caste,and language can be binding factors
Similarly how long a naamam should be whether somebody has power to condone sins, whether an egg should be broken at the fat end or narrow end and all such things can divide people
People continuosly combine and divide themselves on issues
these are all transient phenomena . Tomorrow for someother reason they are likely to come together , like they did in the olden times
మతములన్ని మాసి పోవును
మంచి ఒకటే నిలిచి పోవును!
I have faith in the common sense of common people. A few vested interests can manipulte the for a very short time


Written by kavanasarma

August 1, 2013 at 12:14 am

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2 Responses

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  1. In the long run these divisions and reformations have no long term effects. The politicians whip up emotions and accomplish things. Even death is forgotten in three days. Life goes on as usual. People should go in for the next task. Coastal Andhra + Seema can start an empty slate with confidence. Do they need a new Hyderabad? No, they need to develop a city with better character.

    V V S Sarma

    August 1, 2013 at 1:48 am

    • I agree with . But do we count. We hould count I would like to express. We should all express kavana sarma


      August 2, 2013 at 1:26 pm

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