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Part 2Indian Vedic knowledge was expressed in a poetic form to suit tho oral tradition. At in the beginning there was no script available. They have ensured no distortions through several safe guards . The most difficult safe guards are repeating the words in Jata and Ghana and through uchcharana in udathta and anudaththa swaras. They language of expression was samskRtham.
The Puranas and kavyas were translated in to other native Indian languages much later. For instance they were translated into Thelugu after CE 1100
Indian Science and mathematics meanwhile was translated into some foreign languages by people like Al Beruni .Indian scholars did not translate these works in to other Indian Native languages. They preferred to study and propagate in SamskRutham..A few efforts were there like that of Pavuluri Mallana who wrote Ganitham in Thelugu. The preferred form was poetry.
Exchane of technolgy took place between populations of different languages but literary works.The unifying language had been only SamskRtham
Some of our works reached Europe and they brought back this knowledge to India during their colonial rule as their own.( U turn theory)
In Europe after industrial revolution, mass education became necessary and they devised a system of education to suit that . ( Until then there was very few literates there also ) Invention of the printing machine facilitated this system well
They introduced New science which got developed as a result of industrial revolution through the so called English education.
Because of this to many Indians who were not directly connected to the sources of knowledge earlier , knowledge came within their reach. They believed whatever they were taught.They were taught Indians had no knowledge before the arrival of The Europeans
This has hurt the National pride of the people who were exposed to both Indian and English educations.The reaction was that they started attributing unreasonable antiquity to the Indian knowledge . They did this by Equating The Yugam of 4320000 years prosed by Arya Bhatta with Mahayugam mentioned in Maha Bharatham and putting a distance of more than one crore ( 10 million ) years between us and Rama . A mention may be made of Kota Venkatachalam whose great writings inspired many nationalists. As this is in Contradiction to Darwin’s evolutionary theory, it got ridiculed and Rama was believed by our educated class as not a historical person.
To date Indian history it becomes necessary to understand the concept of a Yugam and a Sakam While Indians pushed things very far The Europeans , compressed our history and brought every thing later than BCE 3000 and used William Jones Conjecture that Maurya Chandra Guptha was a contemporary of Alexander, as a Bench Mark.Our present history is founded and taught on this premise . The truth appears to be some what in between and not as old as claimed but definitely older than what has been made us believe through our English eduacation
Most of our English educated had no familiarity worth mentioning with Indian
languages. Many of our SamskRutham scholars are quite unmindful of the recent trusted knowledge

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