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Visakhapatnam trip

Last week I was in Visakhapatnam
As the students were on strike demanding a Samaikhya Andhra state
the teachers were free
So I got an opportunity to talk to the faculty of VITAM on ” Teachimg is a serious business
on 10th August
I talked about various stake holders and their requirements in professional eduication
how to organise lectures so that those requirements can be met while conforming to university syllabus How to set question papers how to evaluate the course and the skills the students aquired
Next day I addressed a small group on Science and its method and philosophy
Next month I think I will goagain to visakhapatnam to talk in Mrs. A.V.N.College where I studied during 1954-56
I may also give a talk on Rama a King of ancient India with ahistorical view point

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August 22, 2013 at 1:16 am

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