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DefenceEngineering College at Addis Ababa has offered Professorship in the dept. of Civil and Combat EngineeringI may have to join by 15th of Feb. 2013
Some people think world comes to an end tomorrow because One cycle of Mayan Calender ends tomorrow
There is another group in India which thinks that during the period from year 2011 to 2043 there will be Earth quakes &Tsunamis causing disasters
The basis for this is as follows
Yuga padam of kaliyugam is 108000 years
Divide this by 21 = 5143
The last 30 years are marked by disasters
If Kaliyugam started in BCE 3102 Kali 5143 is CE 2041
The last 30 years of this fraction of the yuga padam is CE (AD) 2011 to 2041
If any thing happens We can also take credit!
Mayans have only one year span to go correct.
We have 30 years is higher for our prediction than theirs

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