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Story Of Newtons Rise

Newton was born in 1642 in an English Village He wnt to Trinity Ciollege in 1660. He had to earn to soupport himself as a student .He took upmenial taks to earn money. In 1665 the college was closed due to plague spreading through England .He went back to the neibour hood oh his childhood ..He as 23 then. It was one of thetwo great periods of his life. He invented differential and integral calculus during this period
He was siiting in an archard and an apple fell in the grass He stared wondering if the same force that pulled theapple to the ground puuls themoon to circle round the earth That was the beginning .
.He connected the terrestrial motions and celestial motions with a single law later.
The college reopened In the year 1668 his mentor Prof Issac Barrow recommended his student Issac Newton who was until then an unknown person to the chair of Lucasian Professor , which he was vacating .
Much of the work on light was done by Newton by then . But itwas not published for along time .
In 1962 Royal Society devoted to Experimntal Physics came into existence .Newton initiated a shift from ‘ Why ‘ to’ How " Finding answers to HOW kind of questions itself was felt to be difficult and that only in the rarest of the rare cases one one could find answere the WHY kind of questions . Newton built a 8 " telescope which made objects seem 40 times closer than actual .So royal socity asked to see his telescope .He built and sent another In January 1672 Newton was elected as a Fellow of Royal Socity .
He publiushed his first paper on optics in 1672 . Immediately it received severe and unjustified criticism because it dealt with How and not Why Also by then 9 1670) Christain Huygens could explain many properties of light by proposing that light was made up of waves . Robert Hooke was a great critic of Newton Newton with held the publication of his book until after the death of Hooke in 1702. In 1703 he was electedpresident of Royal Socity and continued as such until his death in He publishedit in 1704 in ENGLISH Publishing in English got him immediate recognition.
But another great thing had happened in 1684 . Edmond Halley ( in whose honour a come has been named ) approached Newton with a doubt about the planetary motion .Newton told him the ptha of celestial body is elliptic but did not or pretended not to, the papers on which he derived it . Later he sent Halley a 9 pge derivation as promised. .The Royal Society which cme to know this from Halley and urged Newto to publish it. He publishedhis 3 books On Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy in1687
The first scientist ever ti get a Knight hood from the English Crown was Newton he became a memmbewr of Parliament twice and lost it the third time because he had Unitarian ( opposed to the Trinity ,the one Giod ) views . He also worked at The Royal Mint and was agood administrator
His theory that light consisted of particles failed to explian the slower velocity of light in water than in air, observed by Young later . As long as he was at the helm of affairs, the wave theory of light which was responsible for his initial set back received no encouragement . Einstein propsed the particle wave duality concept and the matter was finally settled

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