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Axioms, Assumptions and Authority Mathematics, Science and literary and religious debates

Axiom ( Svayam spasta sathyam) .It is taken as truth which does not require verification .Example;From mathematics : The shortest path between two pints on a plane surface is given by a straight line
Assumption (Uhanam) .It is a proposal ( model) for a truth and its deductions are verifiable .Example fromScience The viscous effects are predominant in zones of steep velocity gradients( Prandtl) Example from Science : Air far away from earth surface behaves like an ideal (frictionless/non viscous) fluid . Verified to be true from experiments and ind inference
Authority( PramAnam ) Scriptures / Gospels like Vedas, Bible , Khuran ,or writings based on some observations and some logic , like those of BhRgu, ParASara , Marx are taken as true, even if there is contrary evidence/ contradiction , by the followers of those writings.
Science depends only on Prathyaksha PramAnam (experiment) and anumAna PramAnam ( inference). and rejects/modifies/improves the original model if there is contrary evidence/contradiction
Logic again can be either or type ,( If it is not false it is true ), either , intersection ,or (Included middle ) type or it can progressively change from either to Or ( Fuzzy)
Prof Rajanikanth, while discussing his preface to Smt Sr Valli Radhika’s story book expressed the following opinion to meon pramAnAs in literary criticism
I hope I am not distorting .
The author observes a certain behaviour of the individuals or groups and may try to explain through his/her pramAnAs in his/her article. The reader who may not agree with those PramAnAs of the author but still could not deny the said behaviours through his/her own system .
The reader may find the said behaviour desirable (even if he/she had not specifically not observed it earlier) and may be able to derive it from some other system
In such cases the critic in the reader should acknowledge the knowledge/ pleasure he/sh got from reading the author’s article

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