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Vaivaswatha Manu and Vasistha

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Vaivaswatha Manu andVasishta were from Andhra areas

Vasisishta’s name is associated with some Mandalas of Rgvedam in which there were references to the sea . Some people made the following comment .
‘ Vasishta who lived in and around Ayodhya had no chance of having any knowledge of a Sea "
I believe that he was originally from the Antharvedi area for the following reasons.
Vasishta branch of Godavari joins Sea at Anthavedi .
His wife side relatives Arundhatheeyulu still live in Andhra Pradesh.
Vaivaswatha was a Dravida King ( Sri MadBhaagavatham Navama Skandam 1st slokam).
He migrated to north with the help of a dolphin fish (Mathsya) and settled at Ayodhya along with his progeny Ikshvaaku and Raghu.
Some of the Ikshvaakus ( progeny of Ikshvaaku) and Dandaka ( Vaivaswatha’s progeny) did not accompany Vaivaswatha but continued to live in the original habitat . Dandaka married a Rakshasa woman . Dandaka aranyam is still close to AP ( D in DBK Project stands for Dandaka aranya)
Ikshaavakus reestablished their kingdom in the recent past in their original habitat.


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