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Summary of my talk Part one

Dating Ancient Indian His
INTRODUCTION First Part of the Talk
I tory believe Rama and kRshna are historical characters. I will expain why I think so. So I am making an effort to attach aperiod to their existence as human beings
Ithihasa Is history with 5 more lakshanas as per kautilya .Romila Thaparsays"They are not entirely mythical They contain references to history"
I t is possible for KRshna to Exist around 3000 BCE but I do not think Rama was earlier to me by 1,41, 24000 years ( 3X4320000 +2X432000) My science training tells me only the apes like Rama pithecus was roaming on earth then)
A modern man wearing cotton clothes ,holding a bow and arrow , fighting wars on Chariots must belong to more recent times.The words like Maharathi, DaS’arathi, Rathi,describe his ability to carry and use many weapons .
Rama might have ruled 11000 varshas Varsha also denotes a day So Rama ruled for about 30 years
A yuga is the cycle of one or more grahas being together with a star. Sun is graha . A graha is one hich holds and held byothers
THen I went on to explain a Nakshthra Masa( Chandra’s cycle from Aswini to Aswini) , Chandra Masa ( Chandra and Ravi move from Amavasya to Amavasya ) Then I explained the following Yugas
1.Paithamaha 5 years based on Sun and Moon 2. BRhaspathi 60 years based on Jupiter Sun and moon 3 Saptharshi 2700 years 4. Vishu Bindu 27000 of equinox 5. Arya Bhattu’s 4320000 6Markandeya’s Chaturyugam of 12000 years 4:3:2;1: tell us the padas left at the beginning
Kali Yugam Starting Point It is supposed to have started on the midnight of 17/18-02-3102
At that moment Ravi and chandra were at 0 degs Aswini and the rest w
So these two staring points can not occur at the same time. But Indian and Western Indologists take these two pints as the same
ere 11 deg (4th padam of Aswini)
Yugapadam of Arya Bhattu When the 4th padam of AB yugam started all the 7 grahas were at 0 deg Aswini ( For Rahu and apogee toi fall in line the 4th yugapadam should also be completed)

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