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values , views , beliefs etc which can change with time

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Our views, values, beliefs and convictions are likely to change with time if our mind is not stagnantI explai my view with an example
I believed some thing in the past tto be true
Today I have some doubt
Tomorrow I may replace my old beliefs witha new set
From set1 , I move to doubt set 1 then move to set 2 . This is like a positive feed back system .I go to a new equilibrium position. This manynpeoplle call as progression
In another scenario From doubt I go back to my earlier beliefs set 1 as my doubts I find are meaning less or unfounded. Because I go back People call this retrogression. This is lik negative feed back system I go back to the original equilibrium
All I want to say is progression is not to be mistaken for desirabilty and retrogression for undesirability When we put our foot forward we should make sur we do not slip and fall. We do not get hurt


Written by kavanasarma

October 13, 2014 at 3:16 am

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  1. Views, beliefs and even values can change, do change and it is necessary to be so for an individual with rational thinking. In fact this acquiring real wisdom. Beliefs are from two sources – we often believe in what we are told in childhood by parents, teachers, elders and what we read. These may be about society, about gods, religions etc. and a latter stage scriptures – Vedas, Puranas, the Bible, Quran, Das Kapital, As we get experiences doubts also increase about earlier beliefs, vision and values. In probability theory this is conditional probability. Your prior probability changes to conditional probability based on some new evidence, input or experience. The beginning in this line Is Bayes theorem.

    V. V. S. Sarma

    October 13, 2014 at 10:20 am

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