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Rajaji was the first governor general of India. I was told he was very good . So our congress politicians did not want him to be the first president of republic of India.
Rajaji then became the chief minister of Combined Madras state. He was known to be honest. When Potti Sri Ramulu died we youngsters were against him. though we were very happy when he boldly put an end to the the rationing system in which police were selling rice in black market. I remember that I was sent by my mother to buy rice from the police when unexpected guests arrived.
I remember Dr. MV Krishna Rao then education minister in Rajaji’s government and our neibour and family doctor asking me what i Had against Rajaji
I said his allowing Sri Ramulu to die.
He said” yes Rajaji was against Bhasha Prayuktha Raastraalu.You know Swami Sitaram fasted for a much longer period ( about 70 days) and did not die.Rajaji thought he could convince Sri Ramulu to break his fast. ”
Rajaji did not get any Pension until Rajendra Prasad had to be given when he stepped down as the president. Congress post independence has no good record of uprightness


Written by kavanasarma

August 22, 2011 at 1:23 am

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