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there can be more than one great person in one field in one language

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Sri kalipatnam Rama rao entered his 90 th year and Late ChaSo his hundredth yearWhen Sri C . narayana Reddy got his Jnana peetha award kannaduigas have asked me " Is it true that Seshendra Sarm a isBetter Poet?"
I told the Both are great poets Both deserve. Only one gets earlier tand other later
I am unhappy about such useless comparatives tatements
Ithink as story writers Ravi Sastry, KaRa , Chaso Koku, Sripada Viswanadha and spo0me others are great. Each in their own way It so happens that names I mentione d are from Coastal Andhra
If there are so many from one area , we can easily guess there are similar great wrtiters from other areas
Great ness is not mutually exclusive Greatest is . Saying somebody as greatest depends not on the great man but on the bias of the sayer!


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January 6, 2014 at 6:43 am

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