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Viswanadha satyanarayana Purana vairi granthamaala

After publishing my views on ancient Indian History , I have been reading Viswanadhaa’s novels on ancient Indian History. While he and I agree on some dates like The date maha Bhaarathawar and and of later kings, I continue to differ from him in the view point. His books like that of Byrappa have lot of KALPANA. That does not bother me . But I continue to disagree with him on his world view . I had the good fortune to express my views in his presence in 1974 in a meeting in which we honoured him at IISc. My world view is based on my scientific knowledge. But Mine is not that of Newtonian Physics. I know its limitations People who read my MANA PRAACIINA CHARITHRA Oka Koththa Chuupu , I hope, will appreciate my point. It is also different from the main stream history based on William Jones absurd illogical assumption that Chanakya and Alexander were contemporaries. Viswanaadha knows the absurdity of the Jone’s assumption

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October 3, 2012 at 6:19 am

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