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Book ” Pallenu mingina Pettubadi by Sri SA Vidyasagar

The charcha group of Bengaluru discussed this book on 15th March 2014. at IISc Campus Sri Kantamaneni Rajagopal lead thediscussionThe group unanimously are of the opinion that this book is a result of painstaking research and that it has dependable data
They noted that the castebased professions are now less practised by the original castes and the manpower in some of the professions is dwindling
Ex. Brahmins ( Teaching Vaidika karma and book writing).Kshathriyas ( Warfare and Ayurveda vaidhyam Yadavas (Animal husbandry ) Vashyas( Trade) Sudhras ( Farming)
Maalas (farma labour, Maadigas ( Shoe making and repairing)
The people who left these traditional professions have left them because of better opportunities are available to earn and improve standard of living
The poets and writers do not see this as voluntarary and feel that these people are compelled to do so because of capital hasflown in to the villages. It is more because of their own nostalgia. Capital has entered every walk of life New skills replace old. Autos replace horse carts.
There also seems to be hostility of locals towards profiting non-locals.

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