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How long is a Yojanam?I hear many versions . They vary from 2.5 to 8 miles
today I happen to read Vyaasa vaani by Sathaavadhaani Veluri Siva Rama Sasthry.He says that according to Vaayu Puraanam the distance from Himaalayaas to Kanyaa Kumaari is 1000 yojannas
We now know it spans from 38* N latitude to 8* N and 1* latitude is 55.5 km on the spherical surface
So 30* is equivalent to 1665 km or approximately equal to 1000 miles
So we get 1 yojanam = i mile =1.6 km
The question "how did they measure distances in those days" still remains to be answered. They were measuring spherical angles in those days
Remember the experiment of Eratosthanes of 230 BCE to determine the diameter of earth!
I want to study how, along the zero meridian ( from north to south) , a latitude effected their observations of stars. From that they should have made those statements.
Again the length of the Rama Sethu is about 40 to 50 km and It is said to be 100 yojanas . So yojana should be about 0.5 km
Perhaps the length of yojana was varying over time , like the span of the yuga varied from 5 years at the time of Pithaamaha to 4320000 years at the time of Aryabhatta
So qwe can believe that people at different times and locations have used different measures for a yojanam
The span of the yugam varied depending on what conjunctions people wanted to consider. Similarly yojanam was defined differently by different people. But all of them would have considered a yuj that yuj is not the same for all.

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