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Kandula Nagabhushanam

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1908 – 1979
Married to Mukkavilli, Bhaskaramma. Children: Kameswari, Kanakasundari and Varaha Narasimha Sarma. Gold Medals in M.A. (Math) from Madras Presidency. M.Phil and D.Phil. from Royal Statistical Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, under the guidance of Prof. Crame’ar Founder member of econometric society of India. Founder Professor, Dept. of statistics, Andhra University. Invited Professor at University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Principal Investigator for the project on Urbanisation of Visakhapatnam. Author of two books in Telugu: Ganithanandam (The joy of Mathematics) and Haindava Tarka Sastram (Hindu Logic System). Sports: Tennis, Badminton.

Kandula NagabhushanamKandula Nagabhushanam

Books Written:

1. Ganithanandam by Kandula Nagabhushanam (Telugu Akademi, 1984)
2. Report on the socio-agro economic survey of the Nagarjunasagar Project area by Kandula Nagabhushanam (Andhra University, 1972)

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  4. ^ Report on the Socio-agro Economic Survey of the Nagarjunasagar Project Area By Kandula Nagabhushanam, B. Sarveswara Rao
  5. ^ Reference India 1975


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