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మరక మంచిదే! This year it is raining almost every night here in
Ethiopia. last year was a drought year.today being Saturaday we went for shopping. The University provides a bus to go.the whole place was very slushy as it rained up to 8 am
A poor little dirty boy was rolling the tyre of a small cycle and as it would always do it changed its direction and dashed in to a woman and the dirty wheel dirtied her clothes more.she raised her hand and made a movement as if to slap him . she neither hit the boy nor scolded. Perhaps she thought somewhere her son would be playing with a similar toy in another location but at the same time and his wheel would dash into another mother or she remembered what happened when she was a child.
Like a mother she gave a great smile and the boy unmindful of her ire went on with his play heading towards perhaps another person perhaps this time a father

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November 26, 2011 at 2:40 pm

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