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Aaptha vaakya Pramaanam -The standard of the statement of the well wisher

We follow certain standards (pramaanaas) in believing a thing as true or falseThe best is Prathyaksha Pramaanam .That is what we know through our 5 senses.
This has some flaws because of optical illusions, odour masking,, noise( error) in hearing etc.But that is not I wish to talk about ..
I wish to talk about Aaptha Vaakya Pramaanam which has been given a high place in Indian logical system ( Annam Bhattu’s Tharka S’aasthram)
It says we can believe what our well wishers tell us. Examples of our well wishers are our parents, gurus etc.
We know who are our parents because people around us tell us "she is your mother,… he is your father" There is famous statement that "Mother is Sathyam and Father is Anumaanam(inference, not doubt)
It implies you believe some body is your father because your mother tells you so. But even your mother is a faith because you have not seen your birth!.All you know is she is raising you. Yasoda believed Krishna was her son.
We have now DNA test as a Pramaanam .Test is conducted by some body and we believe that he has no vested interest to lie. So he is our well wisher in this situation
In a court, for the Judge, the Aapthaas are the Witnesses!
The entire world depends on this Aaptha Vaakya Pramaanam to a large extent . We form opinions mostly based on opinions expressed by some body’s opinions We have no time to make a study of the issue , we talk about , our selves to form our opinions
I will give you an example
Most of us have opinions of Raamaayanam without reading it. So I read Vaalmiki’s Raamaayanam and to form my own opinions based on my understanding . I give a talk. The people who formed opinions based on Aaptha Vaakya Pramanam ( Pravachanams of their guru ..
The guru can be a leftist a traditionalist or a Hari kathaa narrator ) rubbish me.without giving any weightage to the arguments and data presented by me They say that I do not know as much as Their Aaptha guru and I am groping in the dark. They do not even at this stage go and verify! They are sure I am not an Aaptha.
We have today our news papers, TV Channels for our our Aapthas . They told us some thing about "What people said yesterday" and caused sensation and increased their circulation or rating Today they saying it differently For example "what Sri Amir Khan said " Most of us reacted to what he supposed to have said yesterday. , on social media . Today the news is different . Do we all express our regrets.
Or do we all wait for tomorrows news?

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November 28, 2015 at 12:40 am

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  1. Good you talked about Pramana – Logic – both west (Greek) and East (Vedic) – are concerned about assessing a truth of a proposition. The proposition itself is called Prameya. Statements concerning things – Brahman to aa pipilaka. includes objects to concept. God does not exist is invalid in Indian logic. Aapta Vakya is extension of Sabda Pramana The original is Veda-vakku. The drshta of say Gayatri mantra has no vested interest. He is Viswamitraa the friend of the Universe. Viswam/Vishnu both are true or mithya.
    Annam bhatta is the first book (primer on Indian logic – nidhaaya hridi visvesam, vidhaaya guru vandanam, baalaanaam sukha bodhaaya kriyate tarksangraha – is the invocation. When sick doctor is apta. But we take a second opinion when he suggests some thing. Doubt is essentail component of any human statement .

    Vvs Sarma

    November 29, 2015 at 7:50 am

  2. Annam Bhatta says – aaptasu yadartha vakta, Apte dictionary has the following entry – — वाक्यं a true
    or correct sentence; =वचनं above. — वाच् a. worthy of belief, regarded as authority, one whose words
    are credible and authoritative;

    Vvs Sarma

    November 29, 2015 at 11:00 am

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