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Last week end myself and my wife went to Bahirdar to see Blue Nile and its starting place Tana Lake.Incidentally they call the river Abaya not Nile. You remember the one of the very old skeleton’s of homosapiens is that of Lucy. They call her Dinkanesh in their Amarik language which means THE BEAUTIFUL. Tana laake is About 3600 sq. km in area and at a natural surplus weir the blue nile emerges as a stream. Slightly down streaam of it they built a weir of small height to build the level for storing water in tthe river
On its way they have built at a big cost a beutiful cascade over which water can roll down. Only problem iswater hasto be pumped to the highest point first. They do it if a rich person pays for it. That being aSunday we was newly married couples with their friends and relatives making an impressive dancing (to music) group. THe brides can be of age abpve 30 and boys above 35.
We were accompanied by a lovely friendly couple Ato(Mr.) Solomon and his newly wed bride. Ato Solomon is alecturer of Civil Engineering at Bahirdar University. Who spent some time at Roorkee IIT.THey showed us Round Bahirdar
Our trip consisted of seeing one island of Tana lake and NIle falls.
The boat can takk easily about 8 people but we were only 2. He charged or the agent 350 bir(1 Bir is=2.6 rs) for one hour
he has taken us to an island where there isa church
Some of the orthodox churches do not allow women inside which irritatesAmericans!
to be continued

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