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low admissions in some engineering colleges in India

I have thought over the question why some engineering colleges attract few students now a daysI have been in engineering teaching for the past 50 yearsAdmissins in engineering colleges depend on
! parents
2 students/candidates
3 AICTE like governing bodies
4 Managements of colleges
5 Employers
1. Parents wish to admit their wards to engineering colleges which have a good name
Good name depends on faculty , facilities , discipline and the ability of mangement to get employers to the college for recruitment
2 Employers wanted earlier , students with potential to take their training and fit into their organisations. The students who passed enrance examination , secured first class were considered as good raw material in days of software boom and supply was not very much in excess. Now they have enough choice and hence want students who have the domain knowledge. They want now polished students and not raw material
3. AICTE and other controlling bodies like universities not only speicify qualificatioins for teachers but also impose age restrictions .They inspect facilities. They think people who hold degrees can teach. IISC and IITS in the beginning had teachers with only BE and M Tech degrees. But they could teach and inspire. Now there are teachers with Ph.D degrees who can neither inspire nor impart knowledge
4 Students want degrees with first classes and distinctions
5 Mangements try to follow stipulations by letter and do not worry about quality.Earlier when job situation was comfortable and supply of seats was not exceeding the demand, this approach was financially reasonable

Now the employers are choosy So parents and students flock to colleges
with reputation to impart quality education. Mangements which do not understand that while satisfying AICTE and university norms is a necessary condition it is not a sufficient condition, are loosing in the race to those who realise impliment and publicize
Some experts perhaps may say that my model is simplistic in nature but simple models are usually robust and give good results as first approximation

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September 24, 2013 at 10:54 am

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