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5th Part Ofdating Ancient Indian HISTORY

5. The date of kali ‘0’
If we can date the beginning of Kali yugam ,the dates of many other historical events can be computed. What are the astronomical references in Maha Bharatham which may help us compute the starting point of kaliyugam ?
1. At the battle ground of Virata kingdom, the question of whether Pandavas completed 12 years of Aranya vasam + one year of Agnatha vasam or not, was raised. Bhishma said " They know that they have completed . Adhika masams are to be taken into account"
Pandavas completed 161 chandramasams
161 Chandra masams= 161 X 29.52 = 4753 solar days
13 years = 13X 365.25 =4748 days
So Pandavas knowing Suyodhana’s crooked mind ,they completed a few days extra for safety , before they showedup.
So the Paithamaha yugam( of 5 Solar years Length ) was in use at the time of Maha Bharatham. There was only a mention of a Mahyugam of 12000 years span by Markandeya . According to it Kaliyugam has a span of 1200 years . So even if date of beginning of Kali yugam is 900 BCE we should be in KRtha Yugam now! But we say in our sankalpam today "Kaliyuge prathama pade " So this has to be resolved.
2. It was said tht during the reign of Yudhishtira theSaptharshi Mandalam was in Magha Star. Varaha Mihira said that The Saptharshi Mandalam takes 2700 years to complete one cycle . So we should know the star in which this Mandalam is now in . There is some cofusion about the definition of " saptharshi Mandalam being in a star" Because of this ,we can make an error of more than 200 years in computing the date of Kali . So we will not make an effort in this direction.
3. There was a mention of a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse seperated by in 13 days in Bhishma parvam. The solar eclipse was of a short duration and it was close to the sun set time. This was used by Arjuna to kill Saindhava . BalakRhna used this information and ran a computer program which was validated with the record of the eclipses during the Babylonian perioid . He found a lunar eclipse on 27-06-2529 BCE and a Solar eclipse on 11-07-2529 BCE satisfied the condition that thre pair occured in less than 14 days( 24X14 hours). But the solar eclipse was in the morning. If we take this year as the year of Maha Bharatha war then the year 2492 BCE would be the year of the beginning of Kali yugam. According to this The Vikrama Arka Sakam starts on 552 CE . That means it gets shifted by 610 years and S’alivahana’s time becomes earlier to Vikram Arka’s time! But it is in agreement with the Main Stream Historian’s view that Sathavahanas and Salivahanas are one and same
There is one more year earlier to the river Sarswathi drying up, in which the GrahaNas occured in less than 14 days apart . Solar eclipse occured on11-8-3129 BCE and Lunar eclipse occured on 25-08-3129 .
If we take that kaliyuga started 27 years after Maha Bharatha War ,Kali Yuga ‘0’ becomes 3102 BCE , which agrees with the traditional date .KRshna niryanam was 27/37 years after Mahabharatha War.
So we can perhaps conclude the date of starting of Kaliyuga is 3102 BCE

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