Kavana Sarma Kaburlu – Sarada Anuvakkulu

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mRtyOrmA amRtam gamaya

Dear Nanna,

It’s been a year.

In memory of your loving self, I am going to try translating sangha purANam into English.

My eyes are blurred with tears and my head is a mush.

Bless and guide me in this effort, as you have always done.

Love you, as always,


nArAyaNam namskRtya, naram caiva, narOttamam,

dEvIm saraswatIm, vyAsam,

tatO jayamudIrayEt.


nAndi pUja.

In this context, the stage would be WordPress.

ancestral home


Written by Satya

October 25, 2019 at 2:32 am

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