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sphere of knowledge and surface of ignorance

As we seek and gain new knowledge the radius R, and hence the volume of sphere V of knowledge increases . What we do not know is beyond the surface, S of the knowledge sphere. If we do not close the blinds of the windows of our knowledge sphere we can get some idea of what is beyond S; Better idea of the ones closer to the surface , some what vague idea of distant ones and no idea of farthest ones A person willing to get exposed to new ideas keeps the blinds open. So, though his knowledge increases as the cube of the radius R
his ignorance increases as square of R. So, more you know, more you know about what you do not.
But most of the time we have to take decision and act . These decisions are based on what we know at that moment. But we should be willing to revise when we acquire new knowledge
Some people close their blinds at some radius and feel confident that they have known all that has to be known. They preach their wisdom without an iota oh hesitation. They are called Sures
There are some others who do not wish to read or acquire knowledge by themselves. They choose a Sure for following
Sures who kept their blinds closed, and leading ,keep criticizing people who saw beyond Sures’ spheres as Doubters . Suddenly some of these Sures open their blinds one day and start getting doubts about what they preached all the while.Then they behave as if they are the first ones to know what is beyond the frontiers, S.
. They do not realize that these are their own frontiers and not the frontiers of the people whom they have been criticizing!.

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November 22, 2015 at 5:09 am

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  1. Both knowledge and ignorance have multiple dimensions and ignorance has more dimensions in the space. know is English for jna in Sanskrit and knowledge and jnana simply mean awareness of things – true or false. Discovery of relationships between entities is knowledge acquisition and this relationship is discernible with a degree of doubt. and science and logic progressively try to reduce the uncertainty in increasingly small spaces (For example all the knowledge/information is in random strings of alphabets or phonemes) It is analogous to your entropy problem.

    Vvs Sarma

    November 24, 2015 at 2:14 pm

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