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The process of decision making

Decision making is both interesting and challenging.We take decision based on availble information
So we base our decisions on available information and our experience.
All the necessary information required to take decisions is unavailable most of the times . So we depend quite much on our past experience.
Based on experience ,I have an implicit ‘model ‘in my brain. It is like " I followed this model and I got 70% of the times success. So let me follow that model in my decision making process."
But no 2 situatios are exactly alike .Every situation is new It is in some parts similar to the situations I faced and in some it is different .
I take a decision . The out come of this decision can be asuccess or a failure or mixed .I may know the result in a short time or I may never know it in my life time I call it a success if it gives the intended result totally .
If it fails totally I require to modify my model. But some times I have so much faith in my model, I do not modify even if the failure rate is high. I attribute the failure to some extra ordinary /unusal factors /wrong information.
My life becomes disaster
Examples of continuous wrong decisions: Todays congress party/Communist parties Many movie makers and Several organisation facing closure

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