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Rama” s yuga & our yuga

Rama and we belong to Swetha Varaaha kalpa
He lived at the end of Thretha yuga in the 24 th Maha yuga. We live in 28th maha yuga of the same kalpa but in the prathama paada of kali yuga.
We are seperate by 3 Mahaa yuagaas and one dwaparayuga. The actual number of Solar years depend on tyhre span of Mahayuga and its part yugaas. The mpodern man originated only about 10000 tears back. Rama Pithecus is an Ape and was in Existence around 1.9 million years back.
I think therefore Rama was in Existence only a few thousand years back

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August 22, 2013 at 11:30 pm

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