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Andhras and agitations

IT was said in Illustrated weekly in an article on Sri VV Giri that Andhras rather cede adistrict than concede a point in argumentFirst they gaveup Parlakhemundi ( Parlakimidi)
Next they sacrificed Madras city and Bellary district.
Now It is Bhadrachalam
The article meant people of Andhra Pradesh They wasted their energies in all these agitations with no favourable result.
But now Andhras are people of non Telangan and non Seema areas as per the present nomenclature.
Is it not time not to waste energies on non result yielding agitations ?
Is it not time that they develop Ongole or some other place and prosper like Gujarathis did after leaving Bombay ?

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December 6, 2013 at 7:19 am

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