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Thanks to the famous writress smt Poththuri Vijayalakshmi I was allowed to gate crash into a meeting in which the cartoonist Rampa released his book on 29th SeptA few minutes later I dais crashed!
It was built strongly with good cement by Dr Guruvareddy So no damage occured
THe meeting on 28th on Jashua was organised By Dr. Gopichand a famous cordiologist jointly with his eldewr brother Sri Rayudu . The meetingon 29th wasorganised by Sri Rampa jointly with His famous Dr. elder sister
The meeting followed an unusual pattern. There is a pattern in that meeting which appeared to me initially as pattern less
I was happy to meet for the first time Sri Janardana Maharshi and smt Chillara Bhavani

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October 3, 2013 at 1:52 am

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