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I was a 8 year old boy when Gandhiji died. The country was instantly was paralised.It was total spontaneous voluntary bundh. I described this in my story Naalugu Dinaalu.A similar thing happened in Andhra Pradesh when Potti Sri Ramulu died after a long period of fasting. A spontaneous expression of grief.I did not happen when Tanguturi Prakasam died though he was close to the hearts of Andhras. I think when a person dies because of old age or a natural cause there is no shock only grief
But recently when great leaders die , some of their admirers think people should observe a bundh to express their love admiration and affection.
Now greatness of a leader appears to be determined by the totality of the bundh.
George Mikes writes " The popularity of a saint is decided by the number of tombs in which he was supposed to have been buried in at Rome"
When Sri Sarabhai died Sri Satish Dhawan said in the condolence meeting at Indian Inst. Of Science where I was working then " let us go back to our labs and work. to respect his memory"
The greatest tribute which we can pay to any of our great departed leaders is to start working in their foot steps and reach their goals
Let the great SELFS take the paths to( higher) uththama lokas

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November 20, 2012 at 11:02 am

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