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Ancestry., by Satya S.K.

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I am a descendant of the great rishi Bharadwaja, student of Valmiki and Gauthama, who was raised by the Maruts (sons of Siva) and adopted by Bharata, the son of Sakunthala and the grand-son of Viswamitra. I am also the direct descendant of Viswamitra on my mother’s and paternal grandmother’s side.

These Telugu Brahmin Families have contributed to my gene pool:

The Kandulas, Yadavillis, Mukkavillis, Somayajulus, Nanduris, Nunnas, Pendyalas.

This story of my ancestry is as my grandmother (Bhaskaramma) told me in 1979. The words are as I wrote them in 1979.

Sometime in the late 19th century was a born a young boy in the Yadavilli family. He was a boy of extraordinary brilliance. He was adopted by Kandula Laksmikantham and his wife Saraswathi (Somayajula by birth) who were childless. Saraswathi’s niece Somayajula Venkata Subbamma was given in marriage to their adopted son Kandula Seetramayya. Subbamma’s father was S.Seshayya. Her mother had died when she was but a child and her stepmother was of the Vishnubhatla family. Subbamma had an elder sister whom she described as very beautiful. She was very fond of her younger stepsister too. Her father had two brothers VenkataSubbayya and Lingayya and 3 sisters, Saraswathi (Kandula, Gudur Mamma (Maladi family) and one married into the Challa family.

Kandula SitaramayyaKandula Sitaramayya

Kandula Seetaramayya’s brother, Yadavilli Kishtayya was a poet. His two sisters were married to Jammalamadaka Bhushayyagaru and Dasiga Chenlu respectively. Seetaramayya’s real father was a Ghanaapaati. He was a brahmin who could recite the Vedas back to front. Kandula Seetaramayya was my great grandfather and his wife was my Thathamma (great grandmother). Kandula Seetaramayya secured a medal in an open exam (matriculation) and became a lawyer. He had four children – Lakshmikantham, Kameswari, Lakshminarasamma and Nagabhushanam. Seetaramayya died when his youngest son Nagabhushanam, my grandfather (Thathagaru), was just a baby.

From then began Thathamma’s trial of endurance. (She was widowed at 25 and lived till she was 97). She was young. On her fell the uphill task of raising 4 children. She didn’t know anything of the legal affairs or of her husband’s work. She, with her children, went to live in Bundar (Machilipatnam). The Kandulas had a house in Bundar. The ilavelpu or family deity of that house was Kameswari Devi. It was cutomary to name the eldest daughter of every Kandula after Her. This tradition was changed in my generation. Only the first of the 4 eldest Kandula daughters (Papakka) was named Kameswari. The next one was named Bala Tripura Sundari (another name of the same Goddess)., followed by Sujatha and then myself Sarada.

The Bundar house along with the Kameswari Deity as the Ilavelpu was inherited by Kandula Seetapathi from his maternal grandmother (ammamma). Kandula Seetapathi was Seetaramayya’s grandfather (through adoption) and Laksmikantham’s father (real). Seetapathi’s mother had two sisters and they had a son each. All three boys got houses from their grandmother next to each other. Seetapathi was an only child and he died young. His son was also an only child.

Kandula Lakshmikantham and his baby son died very soon. His wife Saraswathi was fair of face, but thus unlucky. Her mother-in-law, (Seetapathi’s wife) forced her to adopt a small baby boy Yadavilli Seetramayya who was neither healthy nor handsome at that time. She refused to accept him for a long time and her mother-in-law took care of the baby. In time Saraswathi learnt to love him and married him to her niece Somayajula Venkata Subbamma. Seetaramayya was brilliant and industrious and he soon established himself as a lawyer in Tenali.

Subbamma was 7 when she married him and was a widow by 25. She faced difficulties with utmost courage and perseverance and brought up her children. Her eldest son Lakshmikantham was very brilliant and hardworking and was a man of great honour. He helped his widowed mother and grandmother with the education and bringing up of his brothers and sisters. He married Koochibatla Sundaramma. They had many children who passed away young., so they called in some Muslim Fakirs who converted their children to Muslims. (I learnt later that this was a one day affair where the boys were given Muslim names for a day.) The 3 surviving children were Suryanarayana, Purnachandra Rao and Seeta Rama Sastry. K.Lakshmikantham was the apple of his grandmother’s eye and she wouldn’t eat unless he did. His grandmother wouldn’t eat unless she saw the sun and this taxed her very much on cloudy days, in her old age. So Lakshmikantham’s son was named Suryanarayana was named after the Sun God and now his grandmother could eat even on cloudy days. Lakshmikantham fell ill shortly after the death of his wife when Seeta Rama Sastry was a few months old. His brother Nagabhushanam loved his brother and respected him like a father. So he took great care of him when he was ill. When Lakshmikatham died a few months later, his brother cared for his children with help from his mother and his wife. Lakshmikantham was called Devudu Mastaru or Godly Teacher.

Kandula Seetha Rama Sastry with Mukkavilli Bhaskaramma and Kandula NagabhushanamKandula Seetha Rama Sastry with Mukkavilli Bhaskaramma and Kandula Nagabhushanam

Kandula Nagabhushanam married Mukkavilli Bhaskaramma, the daughter of an English Professor, Mukkavilli Suryanarayana and the descendant of long line of Sanskrit Gurus of a Gurupeetham. Her mother was Pendyala Annapurna. She was a sensitive and supportive wife.

Mukkavilli Suryanarayana and Pendyala AnnapurnaMukkavilli Suryanarayana and Pendyala Annapurna

They had three children Kameswari, Kanakasundari and Varaha Narasimha Sarma (my father). Sarma marriedNanduri Vijayalakshmi (my mother). Her parents were Nanduri Ramanujachari and Nunna Rajyalakshmi. They had two daughters, Satya Sarada (me) and Lakshmi Naga Padma (my sister).


And More.


Written by kavanasarma

December 11, 2009 at 11:00 am

12 Responses

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  1. My Grandfather name is Koochibhotla Satyanarayana. May be there is difference between Koochibhotla and Koochibhatla.


    September 17, 2010 at 1:38 am

    • there are many branches of koochibhatlas .Late Dr. Sivarama Krishnayya a movie actor was my uncle’s brother in law


      September 17, 2010 at 2:50 am

      • Hello Kavanasarma Garu,
        Felt happy to read the information above.I found out recently that Kameswari upasana used to be done in our family until 2 generations ago and somehow lost now. I want to start the worship again. Please share more information about the Kameswari devi and her upasana.



        February 12, 2013 at 2:58 pm

  2. […] Ancestry., by Satya S.K. December 2009 2 comments 4 […]

    • very interesting I am a Pendyala. I have relative who are Mukkavilli;s . We are from Viskhapatnam, though my fathers childhood and my grandfather and previous were from Berhampur and Srikakaulam. I will be interested in meeting and knowing the Penydyala’s from Berhampur / Srikakaaulam who may be my second or third cousins. At present I have no knowledge beyond my fathers generation. My grandfather Pendyala Ramamurthy died young, much before I was born. My Gothram is Bhardwaja. Raghu Pendyala

      Raghu Pendyala

      February 15, 2015 at 6:44 am

      • i have replied to your email


        February 15, 2015 at 9:45 am

  3. Our house in Godugupeta, Bandaru appears next to the one in the picture. Our neighbors were Kandula Family. Cannot remember the names now. My wife is the daughter of Kuchibhotla Chandramowleeswara Rao,who owned that house. If you know that the house across the one in the picture is Neti Narayana Murty’S, then my assessment is correct. Incidentally, Neti Nancharamma garu, 93 years young is in good health and remembers most events in BANDAR.


    January 29, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    • Prof Balrama Murthy Vempati and myself were together at IIT KGP .He was the grandson of Kuchibhatlas. I met him and his father once when I visited our ancestral home at bandar .How are you related to Balaram ?


      January 30, 2016 at 12:36 am

  4. He is my younger brother. I think your ancestors were in the house adjoining ours. Ours was recently brought down. Appreciate your kind response.


    January 30, 2016 at 5:05 am

    • nethi nsnchaara,mma garu knows us. Iam the son ok Kandula Nagabhushanam Our peddananna was Lakshmikantham. My brothers ( sons of my peddanaanna ) Surya narayana , Purna Chandra Rao and Sitha Rama sastry were educated in Machilipatnam.Perhaps you know them


      January 30, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    • Sarma Garu,

      I should apologise. I missed your email from email from last year. In fact I forgot about it, till the present chain of converastion.

      If you do not mind please forward the email again.

      Further, My father Pendyala Arunchalam, Chief Engineer, Meghalaya, Shillong died young some thirty years back, before I got interested in my ancestry. My PeddaNanna, Pendyala Achyutham, aged 92, is retired and living in Delhi. He retired as Chief Engineer, Central Power Commission some 35 years back. He was’t much help as he could not recollect details. The thing that got me interested is the we are Pendyala (brahmins) and Mukkavilli are related. We all live in close by in Maharanipeta in Vizag. The other closely related families are Vepa (Vizag), Tekkumalla (Berhampur), Tadepalli (Berhapur), Evani, Emani, Duvvuru, Duruvasalla.. Any leads will be helpful.

      Following was the conversation on your web site.

      “very interesting I am a Pendyala. I have relative who are Mukkavilli;s . We are from Viskhapatnam, though my fathers childhood and my grandfather and previous were from Berhampur and Srikakaulam. I will be interested in meeting and knowing the Penydyala’s from Berhampur / Srikakaaulam who may be my second or third cousins. At present I have no knowledge beyond my fathers generation. My grandfather Pendyala Ramamurthy died young, much before I was born. My Gothram is Bhardwaja. Raghu Pendyala”

      “i have replied to your email”

      With Regards

      Raghu Pendyala

      January 30, 2016 at 11:18 pm

  5. Myself and Balarama Murty , both, have been in the USA for several decades. I lost touch with many of my friends and class fellows from Bandaru. I do not recall the ones you mentioned. However, I remember to have met someone from Boston of the Kandula family. Do you have any relatives in the US?


    January 30, 2016 at 4:01 pm

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