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Surgical strikes and Charisma

Surgical Strikes and CharismaI came to know some time back that there were surgial strikes beyond our boarders.
Yesterday night when the attention world was drawn to the Election in USA, I came to know of another surgical strike.. This time it is within the countruie boarders and ata different battle field
Behind these surgical strikes there is the charisma of the prime minister Modi to sway the public opinion in their favour. He chose his deputies Parikkar and Jaitley well . Those could deliver with the help of their own Armies in their ministries.
What a meticulous planning.! Both required courage and planning. .Under a charismatic leader with a vision an efficient executive can deliver well .
KL Rao delivered under Nehru. Sam Petroda delivered under Rajiv Gandhi.Satish Dhawan Homi Bhaba RajaRaman and Abdul kalam delivered under Indira and Vajpayee.Chandra Babu Naidu could deliver better under NT RamaRao than in his own leadership. Ramarao could carry people with him.
Manmohan Sing delivered well under PV Narasimha rao better than under Sonia Narasimha Rao has vision though not charisma .Sonia has neither.

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November 9, 2016 at 2:50 am

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