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Alluu Siithaaraama Raaju. ri Siithaaraama Raaju అల్లూరి సితా ర్తామ రాజు

I was just promoted to 11 th class in St Anthony’s High School Of VisakhapatnamAt the end of that year we had to take a public examination called SSLC.
We were the senior most class students of that school. It was July 1953
The class was divided into 6 squads . I was the squad leader and we had to give a name to our squad. The names like Gandhi Nehru and Bose were very popular Until the previous year.But Nehru became unpopular with us students last year. Last year we had to go on a strike demanding a separate Andhra State Nehru did not yield easily, though we finally were granted ANDHRA PRADESH
No more National leader’s name for our squad We have our own great men. SO
I wanted to suggest a Thelugu name .
I suggested the Name of Alluuri.iithaa Raama Raaju
My batch mates approved
What did we know of him? Pretty little
We knew he fought against the British.
WE believed he could Mesmerize (Hypnotize) any body facing him. We believed Ruthor Ford He looted Police Stations as a helpless guy when facing Alluuri !
We knew looted rifles from police stations and armed the tribals of east Godavari and Visakhaptnam Districts
We heard Mallu Gantam Dora Speak with great reverence about Siithaa Raama Raju on AIR through a loud speaker at a park in Daba Gardens in those days.
Today is Raaju’s Birthday and he is beind paid a tribute here by one of his admirers from childhood
ka va na sarma

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