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linking of rivers, నదుల అనుసంధానం

Weshould consider 3 aspects in deciding about the idea of linking of riversSir Arthur cCottn was the first to suggest this idea about 150 years back. British Govt opposed it for 2 reasons
1. Cost is prihibitive
2. impossibility of Crossing the hills in the way

Even today the techocrats are divided on issue of technological feasibility of designing a problem free maintainable links, environmental desirabilty and political practicalability

A few like me believe that it is not feasible to design a system with solvable problems especially in the matter of sediment deposition and erosin by rivers.
Let us assume possible for a moment that it is feasible
Then the question arises whether it is environmentall desirable to meddle with rivers on such a large scale ?( Anicuts are but small modifications to rivers. That is why there is some success for Sir Cotton) a large group f technocrats are againsy such meddling
The proof of dessirabilty or otherwise comes after 20 ,to30 years Large dams did pose envirnmental problems after such peiods
let us for a moment that linking is environmentally desirable
Does any state accept that it has water in excess of its needs ?
While all politicians and people think there is excess water in some states, they deny that their state is not one such No state would agree to release water to any other state except during great floods This is what Sri PV Narasimha Rao (Ex Hon. Priminister)
said to the group at Visakhapatnam when I raised this question with him.This is what Prof Vedula ( expert member represnting Govt.f India on Almati dam dispute) told me today
A great expert like Professor RJ Garde did not think that we can maintain such a large syste
How difficult was it to maintain upper Bari (Big) Doab Canal system which was actually a mini system . How well Bucking ham Canal Maintained? How well Telugu Ganga project working out / How well the the canal from Yeleru resrvoir to Vizag steel plant working.Hw well the coum flushing canal working?

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January 7, 2015 at 11:01 am

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  1. ILR (Inter-linking of rivers) in India has been a controversial project and taken political colours with BJP pitching for it and INC opposing it with technocrats of either camp supporting it . When Arthur Cotton proposed it it was a feasible project and the government turn it down only on the basis of estimated cost. Many large river projects were undertaken with only advantages considered in the beginning with disadvantages slowly understood with years of experience, 10-20 years, and wisdom dawned on a few at least that rivers are not fully controllable and it is good not to meddle with them in a Big Way. The recent Kedarnath incident can directly be related to Himalayan river valley projects undertaken without accounting for environmental degradation.
    In my opinion IRL cannot be a project. It can be an objective to be realized with many safe independent projects. Understanding the intricacies of large projects is a large scale systems problem bearing similarities to Transmission, transportation, communication and inventory systems. Apart from Water resources and civil structures engineers general systems engineers should be associated at the brain storming stage and a problem solving strategy such as DIVIDE AND CONQUER should be used. After all the Northern rivers are international with Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and Nepal apart from bickering Indian states. Mahanadi to Vaighai is favoured by TN while other states oppose it. The dimensions of the problem should be understood and accounted for and a step by step plan of execution as multiple projects should be done. We can discuss some time Sarma garu

    Vvs Sarma

    January 8, 2015 at 2:47 pm

  2. thanks sarma garu


    January 9, 2015 at 4:10 am

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