Kavana Sarma Kaburlu

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నా పేరు కవన శర్మ

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నేనిప్పుడు డాక్టర్ యెల్లాప్రెగడ సుబ్బారావు గారి జీవితము విశ్లేషిస్తున్నాను రచనలొ.


Written by kavanasarma

April 29, 2009 at 3:03 am

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  1. Respected sir,
    I am Prof. chitta suresh kummar , Professor of Biochyemisry.iSri Krishnadevaraya University, ANANAPUR. I have been introduced to you at IISC bangalore during 1995 by tellugu association of IISC on Ugadi sambaralu. I have taken your book “Vyangya Kavanalu” which is an excellent book. I never forget hat book. very unfortunaely some of my collegues has taken tht book and lost. I am searching that book at many book shops. In fact I have gone to IIsc campus book sstall only just to get this book. But all in vain. Now i request you sir please tellme how to get that book. I need minimum 10 copies of that book. please reply to me sir. or my mbile is 9849669899. please just talk to me. Hope you remember Mr. Raghuram Phd. Scholar and Sailaja Ph.d schlar at IISC during 1995. please just give a ring sir. waiting anxiously for your call from this second on wards

    Prof. chitta suresh

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